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Ricciotti, Rudy

Ricciotti, Rudy

Architect and engineer, winner of the Grand Prix National d’Architecture, Rudy Ricciotti is representative of a generation of architects who combine creative power and a real constructive culture.
Pioneer and ambassador of concrete, he sublimates innovative concretes in landmark achievements such as the “le pavillon noir” in Aix-en-provence (2006), the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre (2012), the Jean Bouin Stadium in Paris (2013), the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MUCEM) in Marseille (2013), or the Rivesaltes memorial (2017),…

Rudy Ricciotti is also the author of various pamphlets, the latest ones are: « Premières lignes » – Éditions Cassis Belli (2019), « L’exil de la beauté » – Éditions Textuel (2019), « Je te ressers un pastis ? » – Éditions Cassis Belli (2019).

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