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Brdr. Krüger - HB Lounge Chair | Olieret ahorn

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Brdr. Krüger - Upholstery:
Canvas Canvas
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Designer Hans Břlling
Material Oiled maple, leather/canvas
Kategori: Brdr. Krüger

Inspired in style by the iconic tray-table, Bølling’s first lounge chair infuses his characteristic creative spirit into a minimalist design. The chair melds an elegant curved composition with architectural lines and intricate details, resulting in a piece resemblant of enduring human connection.

Bølling’s latest furniture pieces seamlessly match this unique style; bringing the fundamental elements of Danish modern design into sustainable and creative forms. Bølling’s work has always shown him to be a master of emotional minimalism and simplicity, striking a balance between the simple and the detailed.

Shaped by curves, arcs and angles, the new pieces take inspiration from reimagining circular shapes that naturally suggest timelessness and endless possibilities for evolution and reinvention.

Playful functionality has long been a vital distinguisher of Bølling’s design, with the original Bølling tray-table created to offer a functional and playful approach on the classic side table. Even his approach to design is infused with the playful, as he allows his creativity to flow in whatever way it needs, at whatever hour of the night or day it needs.