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Astep - Model 2129

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Model/Product no.: swp38800
Weight: 51 kg
Designer Gino Sarfatti, 1969/2013
Material Aluminium Reflectors, Methacrylate and Brass Structure
Lyskilde Integrated LED 25W 1600lm 2700K
Diverse Recommended Ceiling Height 250cm
Kategori: Astep

Designet af

The droplight luminaire designed in 1969 is a beautiful example of Gino Sarfatti’s visionary design. A versatile, functional artwork that makes a powerful statement and brings attention to everything its light touches.


The intimate light provided by Model 2129 wraps the space in a warm ambience. The luminaire features a discreet counterweight and a large arc-shaped arm in transparent methacrylate that is attached to the ceiling and able to rotate 360 degrees horizontally. The cup-shaped reflector is made of two lathed aluminium pieces painted white and caviar grey. Both the dowel for the ceiling fitting and the counterweight are made of painted brass.


In the re-issue, the original light source – an incandescent bulb – is replaced with LED lighting.